Pre-Wedding Client Questionnaire

Pre-Wedding Client Questionnaire

Help me make your wedding day awesome

Welcome to my pre-wedding questionnaire. Although you do not have to answer every single question (the mandatory questions are marked as ‘required’). I encourage you to try and give me as much information as you possibly can. The information you provide will help create the ideal timeline for your big day. We will meet a few weeks before your wedding and go over all the details to make sure we are on the same page.

This form was not designed to put restrictions on your wedding day, exactly the opposite. It was designed so you are aware of all the different stages of a wedding day and what it involves. It might also bring up some ideas to light or points you overlooked. If you want to scrap this form and all the traditional stuff and come up with your own wedding day ideas, by all means, I am game!

Please read the form first and make sure you have all the information needed beforehand. Form cannot be saved so it has to be submitted (even partially). If you close your browser before submitting, all information will be lost.

*This form was designed to be completed on a laptop or tablet but not on a smart phone.

general information

Wedding Day:

Day of the week / date / month / year

Bride's information

Groom's information

Ceremony location
(Full address and contact number)

Ceremony start time (required):

Ceremony end time approximately (required):

Reception location
(Full address and contact number)

Cocktail start time (required):

Reception start time (required):

How many guests are you expecting?

Does your ceremony venue have any photography restrictions I should be aware of?

Are you having a rehearsal?

If yes, when is the rehearsal?

One of the latest trends in wedding photography is trying to have an "Unplug Wedding", meaning the bride and groom ask the guests NOT to take pictures of the wedding, starting with the ceremony. It is an idea some photographers came up with to make sure guests do not interfere with taking pictures. If you decide to do so, I urge you to reconsider. Guests love taking photos and there is no sense in preventing them from doing so.

You could ask people to just have fun and not worry about taking pictures but asking is the most that you should do. Let them take as many pictures as they want.

Are you having an Unplug Wedding?

Do you have a special theme or colour for your wedding?

At your wedding, you want to fully enjoy the day and not worry (as much as possible) about everything around you. That's why you should designate a person to help make sure everything is as it should be, answer any last minute questions, help gather up the family members for family portraits etc. Preferably, each side of the family has a designated person.

Who is the Bride's designated person(s)?

Who is the Groom's designated person(s)?

How will your wedding party travel?

Could you please tell me again how you heard of me?

about you

How did you two meet? When, where and how did he propose?

What is the most anticipated moment of your wedding day?

How would you describe your style?
While taking photos, and especially during my editing process, my work is influenced by the surroundings, the wedding theme and the general look of the venue. However, you might have a specific look in mind that you would like to see for your photos. Here are some options or fill in below any other ideas you might have.

Any other ideas?

Many brides collect images and ideas on Pinterest. If you share it with me, it will give me an idea of your style and designs

engagement session

The Engagement Session

Am I doing your engagement session? (Select yes for more options)

Day of the week / date / month / year

getting ready

TThe Bride is Getting Ready

TThe Bride is Getting Ready
Are we present at your Getting Ready?(Select yes for more options)

The getting ready is when the fun starts! Please read my Wedding Tips and make sure you give yourself enough time. The getting ready period can produce stunning casual photos of you, your family and friends. It's also when many of the detail photos like shoes, dress, rings etc. are taken.

Take advantage of this opportunity to have photos taken of you from lingerie all the way to lacing up the wedding dress. Photos will include maid of honor, your mom etc. helping you in the process. These intimate photos will be cherished by your husband who will not be there to witness this important event.

Depending on how comfortable you are, some of those photos can be of a more intimate nature, those photos are usually for your eyes only.

Tips for getting ready:

  1. Make sure the area is free of clutter. Extra clothes, shoes, bags etc. should be tucked away in one room so they do not end up in the photos.
  2. If possible, decorate a bit. Colorful balloons are always fun.
  3. If you are comfortable taking pictures in your PJ's while getting ready, that's cool! A bathrobe? That's cool too. Maybe all the bridal party can wear them...?
  4. If possible, place your make-up chair close to a window.
  5. Have all the items you want to be photographed (shoes, jewelry, garter, etc.) in one place so nothing is forgotten.
  6. Buy a fancy hanger for your dress. It's a shame to hang a dress worth hundreds (or thousands) on a $5 hanger. Try to find and buy a hanger wrapped with silk or other material, they look great in pictures.
  7. Some finger food, a bit of wine, lots of water and background music is a must!
  8. Be aware of tan lines that are visible with your dress on. Or, if you do have to cover them, here is a great product.
  9. Ask your maid of honor to carry an emergency kit. In it have: scissors, baby wet wipes and stain stick/pen, tissue paper, gum, small sewing kit, deodorant and hairspray, clear nail polish, bride’s lipstick, bobbie pins and the two most important things; pain killers and comfortable flat sandals or shoes.
  10. Remember: Have fun!

Typical time line - Bride...

Although there is no special order when photographing the getting ready, it is preferable to do the detail shots first. We ask that the maid of honor ensures all items you wish to be photographed are in one place so nothing is forgotten. When we have that covered we go ahead with the portraits.

We proceed with you getting ready including more detail shots of make-up and other beauty items. Candid individual portraits of all people present are taken throughout the morning. Family members and persons of interest should be pointed out so they are not missed. If bride's maids are getting dressed at the location with you, portraits of before and after are taken.

We continue taking photos until you enter the limo (or the designated car that carries you to the ceremony).

"...something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue (and a silver sixpence in her shoe)

Do you have something old to wear? It symbolizes the connection to your family. Can any of your friends lend you something to wear on your wedding day? It symbolizes eternal friendship and token of love. How about something blue? It represents fidelity and constancy. And for good fortune, a penny in your shoe is a good start.

Bride's getting ready location
(Full address)

When do you need me to start?:

Please write below any relevant information. For example:

  1. How many are getting ready with you?
  2. How many people will be present?
  3. How much time have you allocated to getting ready?
  4. Are you having hair and make-up done at the getting ready location?
  5. Is there a particular person of interest that we should know about?

What are the 10 absolute must have moments when you are getting ready?
Here are some examples.
Note that if we have adequate time all of the options can be covered (Please check all that apply).

Any other must haves?

Do we have time for Groom's getting ready photos?

Groom's getting ready location
(Full address)

Groom start getting ready?:

Any special requests for the Groom's getting ready photos?

Any other must haves?

Number of Bridesmaids & Groomsmen?

What is the absolute latest that the Bride plans to leave for the ceremony?
If we do "First Look" (see below) please take into account

first look & pre-ceremony photos

First Look

Do you want First Look/Family Portraits before the wedding ceremony?
Select 'Yes' for explanation, tips and options.

If time allows and if you are willing to "bend" tradition a bit, the First Look is a great opportunity to get some awesome photos.

So what is the "First Look"?

The First Look is when a Bride and Groom see each other the first time dressed in their wedding outfits before the wedding ceremony. Either alone or escorted by the immediate family members, it is usually done away from guests and even the wedding party. It is a moment that the couple can enjoy alone and in peace.

Although some fear that seeing each other before the ceremony takes away the magic, it can never replace the excitement of watching her walk up the aisle. If anything, seeing each other prior to the ceremony can relieve a huge load of stress from you, and can make for some awesome photos.

The pre-ceremony photos can be all about the both of you or allow for photos of family and friends, as you wish.

Here are some points of benefit to the First Look.

  1. A huge stress reliever, your other half is with you.
  2. An opportunity to have a few moments to yourselves.
  3. Extra time to capture awesome photos.
  4. Get to your party on time. Taking photos beforehand means that once the reception is done there are less photos to take care of.
  5. Your family will appreciate this time with you before attending to the guests.

Some disadvantage to the "First Look".

  1. You need to start getting ready earlier. At least 60-90 minutes earlier.
  2. Not a tradition and might disappoint some family members.

Great! Let's get to the details.

We need to plan some time right after the both of you are ready. If you did not allow for some extra time in your original plan, you will need to. Time allowance depends on what you want to achieve. If it's the First Look only, we will need 20-30 minutes (not including travel time). If you would like photos of the immediate family members also, allow for another 20 minutes for family portraits.

Please check all that you want covered before the ceremony:

Do you have a preferred location?

Do you have a list of group picture combinations you would like? Please list below.

Here are some ideas for the "First Look".

Any other comments or ideas?

...And off we go to the ceremony...

the ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony

Here we are at the ceremony. This is when the wedding day really starts. Most ceremonies are very similar however, each couple designs their own. Please provide me with all the information and details of your wedding ceremony.

In some ceremonies, the Groom and the whole family is already there and only the Bride walks up the aisle. In others, everyone walks up the aisle. What is your plan?

Are there going to be any special moments during the ceremony?
Candle lightingReading the vowsSpeechesSpecial songOther:

Is there a Flower Girl and Ring Bearer?
NoFlower GirlRing BearerBothOther:

After the ceremony, will all bridal party and family go down the aisle after you?

Do you plan on a formal exit? If yes, what is the sendoff?
Would you like some uniue ideas for ceremony and reception sendoff?
No formal exitPush-pop confettiConfettiBubblesFlowersSparklesOther:

Since right after the wedding ceremony we will be taking group photos of the extended family, this is where I will need the designated person(s) to help me. They should be informing the family members to stay and not leave the venue after the sendoff so we do not have to go and look for them. They should notify family members in advance and make sure to gather everyone you want in the extended family photos.

If the venue official lets us stay in after the ceremony, we will start by taking photos inside the venue and then, if weather permits, go outside for more family pictures. We start with one side of the family and then the other side of the family. Here is the general order we usually photograph the family:

We take the following shots starting with the Bride's family and then we repeat it with the Groom's family:

  1. Grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts and uncles
  2. Grandparents, parents and siblings
  3. Parents and siblings
  4. One with dad and one with mom
  5. Siblings

the portraits

Now that we finished with the extended family portraits we can focus on you and the bridal party. When choosing a location think about travel time and time in general. If we did the "First Look" I will need about one hour of shooting time, however, if by now we we did not do any portraits of you, I will need close to two hours photography time.

Do you have a preferred location?

Rain can be a fun photography background if it's not pouring of course. However, we need to have an option if it rains really hard.

If we decide to be in the rain how about some fun props?
Rain bootsUmbrellasOther:

Is there any member of the bridal party with special needs?
For example: minor, senior or handicap

Is there any theme for your bridal party?
(Props, Superman t-shirt under the suit, hats... How about a record album cover...etc.)

Any ideas for photos that you would like to have? Any specific style?

The Wedding Reception

the reception

Will there be a receiving line?

Are you being introduced when entering the reception hall?

Are there any special acts I should know about like a surprise dance or a choreographed dance?

Are you doing the "first dance"?

Is there a father/daughter dance?

Is there a son/mother dance?

Are you doing a formal sendoff? If yes, what is your sendoff?

Please provide me with a schedule of your evening from entering the reception all the way to the sweet table.

The Wedding Reception

your vendors

If possible please provide vendor information, thank you!

Wedding Planner

Wedding Dress

Bridesmaid Dresses

Groomsmen Suits

Hair & Makeup


DJ / Band / Animators





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